Extra Extra Quarterly

Now Available !!!


Issue one is all done and in book, music & vintage stores around Seattle.

* all who’s submissions were curated in to the printed quarterly will have a free copy sent to them this week. Stay tuned for online only version of Extra Extra that will have all submissions!!

Extra Extra Issue One NOW AVAILABLE @ SONIC BOOM [Ballard Seattle]

Now Available @  Left Bank Book’s Collective 92 Pike Street [Downtown Seattle] 


Now Available @ Elliott bay book 1521 Tenth Avenue [Capitol Hill Seattle]


The Project: “Its All The Extra Extra Stuff”

Extra Extra is a curated public collaborative: a creative laboratory for “all the Extra Extra stuff.” Extra Extra is quarterly publication whose core is an interdisciplinary approach to  contemporary culture: production, art, music, new medias, science, literature, entrepreneurship and all systems thinking participating in imaginative dreaming.

Summer Issue Submissions Due Sunday July 15th 2011

Step One: Fold a regular 8 1/2” piece of paper in half, creating a tall rectangle.  You can use 1 or up to 3 pages.  Place the folded papers within themselves to make a mini booklet. Creating up to 12 workable surfaces, total.  It is highly suggested to put the author(s) name and the title of the piece on the first page.

Step Two: Do as you wish with the pages. These pages are your space to add to the dialogue and to share your latest thoughts, works, writings, and projects!  Feel free to include links to websites to give deeper breath or understanding to your project. We look forward to creating an analog link to the internet. But most of all have fun! After all you are now Extra Extra. This project is based around the idea of the simplest way to make work.. no tools beyond you a pen and paper are necessary. But feel free to print.. collage..etc. Please leave room for the stitched binding.

Step Three: Put your pages in an envelope along with a separate piece of paper with your name and contact email, so you can be notified if your submission has been selected for the xeroxed quarterly. (All things sent to the address below may appear in the xeroxed publication and/or on the online conversation) Mail all submissions to:

Extra Extra. 

5809 1/2 20th Ave NW

Seattle. WA.